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Wizarding School


Children’s classes held weekdays, April 2nd through the 6th at 1 p.m. for participants ages 6 – 12.  Programs are free, but registration is required.  Call for more information or to register.


Children’s Class Schedule:

Monday: Sorting, School Supplies, Herbology (decorate a flower pot and plant a flower)

Tuesday: Quidditch Tryout Obstacle Course (timed) and Table Quidditch games

Wednesday: Defense Against the Dark Arts Scavenger Hunt, and Care of Magical Creatures (Zoomobile — see below)

Thursday: Potions (create slime!), Transfiguration game, Charms (Non-Lethal Wizard Dueling)

Friday: Hogwarts House Team Trivia, End of Term Feast, Misc.


Adult programs held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, April 3 -5, at 6:30 p.m.  Programs are free and open to all ages 13 and older.  Registration requested for the Team Trivia night.  Call for more information or to register.

Tuesday: Quidditch table games. (Participants may run the obstacle course to qualify if they wish.)

Wednesday: Divination.  Tea leaves, Oracle cards, Pendulums.  If you bring a tea cup or mug, the professor will show you how to make a simple Grim for the bottom.

Thursday: Butterbeer and House Team Trivia Competition.  Get Sorted into a Hogwarts House and compete against other teams.


Zoomobile: Wednesday, April 4th, 1:30 p.m.  Discover the magic of animals.  Zoomobile staff will bring live animals to show, discuss and touch.  This program is free and open to all ages.  No registration.