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Internet Policy

Your Home Public Library Internet Policy

The Internet, as an information resource, enables library users to access a wealth of information beyond the confines of the existing collection. However, users are warned that Your Home Public Library (YHPL) cannot ensure the availability or the accuracy of external electronic resources.

The library uses technology protection measures to filter content in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. The library will unblock erroneously blocked Web sites upon any request by a minor. The library will disable the entire filter upon any request by users 17 or over, for any lawful purpose.

Internet users may not use the Internet to access sexually graphic materials, including but not limited to, those defined in Chapter 204 of the Code of the Village of Johnson City.

Users will have a maximum of one hour per day to use electronic resources. Computer equipment will be turned off 10 minutes before the library closes to allow time for proper shutdown steps and regular lock-up procedures.

Basic instruction on the use of computer resources may be provided as time and staffing allows.

Anyone willfully damaging or disabling computer equipment and/or resources, or accessing sexually graphic materials, or refusing to comply with time limits, or otherwise creating a disruption to the use of electronic resources, will have their Internet privileges revokes. Illegal actions may be subject to prosecution.

YHPL assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to user’s data or disks, or for any personal damage or injury incurred as a result of using YHPL’s computing resources, including damage or injury sustained from invasions of the user’s privacy.

Your Home Public Library is guided by the American Library Association statements on access to information:

The Library Bill of Rights

Freedom to Read Statement

Freedom to View Statement

Revised June 7, 2004