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Book Club in a Bag -FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Book Club in a Bag

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. One of my group members forgot to return their book, who is responsible?
A. The person who borrows the bag is completely responsible for the return of the bag and all of its contents.

Q. I can’t remember what was in my bag when I got it, how do I know what to check for before returning it?
A. There is a folder in each bag that holds, among other things, a checklist of materials.

Q. Can my group members return their own books to the library?
A. No, the Book Club in a Bag must be returned with all copies of the book at the same time.

Q. What if a book is lost?
A. If your group loses a book you have two choices: replace it with another copy of the book, new very gently used, that is clean and readable or the library will bill you for the book. Please notify your library if a book has been replaced or if you need to be billed.

Q. May I place a hold on a Book Club in a Bag from the online catalog?
A. Yes, click here to see which titles are available.

Q. What if my group has more than 10 members?
A. Use the Library Catalog to request more copies of a title as needed.

Q. Someone in my group prefers large print books, how can I help them?
A. Use the Library Catalog to request the title in a different format: large print, book on CD.  You can also check the Download Zone for e-books and downloadable audio.

Q. Can my book club suggest titles for the program?
A. Yes! Send an e-mail to

Q. Where can I get other ideas for books to read with my book club?
A. Your local library staff is a great resource for this! Just ask them!